"From big business, media, startups, community development and politics I have dabbled in it all. I bring that experience to my coaching with the knowledge that failure is necessary and that we all desire different things. Empowerment is a process that takes trust and a willingness to live outside of our comfort zones. With a dose of dedication and a whole lot of authenticity anything you can imagine is possible." -Teresa

Teresa Sabatine has spent most of her career in television and film in New York, LA and Chicago developing and selling content and managing projects for clients like Nike, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and Sony. She is a recent graduate of the Duquesne University professional coaching certificate program. She puts her coaching to use by working with women to overcome obstacles and empower them to live extraordinary lives.

In her role as a media consultant, she works with companies and partners to maximize media opportunities, develop projects with potential for large economic impact and generate content around social justice and equality. She currently oversees Film Indy, as the first Film Commissioner for the city of Indianapolis. Film Indy is focused on marketing and growing the current local production talent and recruiting new film and television projects to the area.

She is the founder of The Jump Network, a mentorship and content company for women. For too long women have had limiting examples of what is possible for their lives. The Jump Network shows women different and real perspectives of what it is like to be a woman and connects them to extraordinary diverse women all over the world.

Clients: Nike, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, Sony Pictures, NBC, ABC


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