Every single day I run into women wanting more for themselves.

In the grocery store checkout, a waitress at a sports bar in Los Angeles, an old friend up and quitting her job. We're ready for a new way. To be respected, to be heard, to change the world. I know that there are many of you just like me who are holding onto a dream somewhere inside you--the thing you never did, the thing you never asked for, the chance you never took. Well, the world is ready.  If you're interested in engaging a partner ready to help you with next steps, book a free 45 minute coaching session or leave me a note about what you want to do with your life and let's get started. There's no better day than today.



I'm a master of transitions. A lover of stories since a young age, I studied Theater at Ball State University with dreams of sharing stories that would change the world.  The summer before I was to graduate college we lost my mother, my best friend, to a ten year battle with breast cancer. I say this because in the hero's journey my mother was my inciting incident. It was, as Aristotle says, my reason to leave home.  Her death was like a lightening bolt to my system, suddenly life was a little more fragile and I felt time was limited. 

I soon moved to New York City with no job and no plan.  I wouldn't always recommend this path, but at the same time, it taught me more about myself than I ever would have learned with a roadmap. I jumped, deeply and completely into whatever life was willing to offer and have done so ever since.  I had an entry level job at the Late Show with David Letterman and soon transitioned to a Brooklyn production company where I began producing film and television. It was a unique experience learning how to run a boutique company while pitching to network executives in Los Angeles.  I grew up at this company; learning the TV development and sales process and working on episodic television from the editorial perspective and as a producer. 

Since my time in New York I have worked and lived all over the United States; from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles to Seattle and eventually to Portland, Oregon. Along the way I worked on several scripted TV shows including Boss with Kelsey Grammar and a short lived period piece for NBC called, The Playboy Club. I worked in acquisitions and film distribution at Lionsgate where I coordinated the buying and selling of 100+ films and was intricately involved with NRG screenings and building film slates. I joined the team of Transformers 4 back in Chicago, produced a few independent shorts and TV pilots and eventually ended up in Global Brand Marketing at Nike

This is what Aristotle would call the rising action. I loved the movie business and I was still seeing the world through the eyes of that little girl who wanted to tell stories that would change the word.  However, my deeper calling, my true and natural disposition, was to help others.  I felt a force inside of me telling me it was time to really hone in on how I was going to live my life and make the world a better place. The climax in this story is that I couldn't handle living in someone else's skin and I walked away from it all.  I returned home, to the place I never thought I would go, and began stripping away all of the layers of myself to try to discover what was at the core. The antagonist here was myself. 

Through many sleepless nights, yoga sessions and talks with mentors, family members and advisors I decided to go back to school to get my professional coaching certificate. I wasn't interested in wasting the first 10 years of my journey, I knew there was a way I could use all of these transitions and relevant and tangible experience to help people. And I was right. 

My coaching practice focuses on bringing out the very best in you. This isn't about what I want, or what I think is best, it is truly about what is burning inside of you.  In every story the hero meets archetypes, what I like to call messengers who often, in the best of films (think Obi-Wan Kenobi), are there to teach us or help us get to the next stage of our journey. As your coach, I aspire to be that archetype for you.  My deep desire is to help others to fulfill their supreme destiny. And because of all of the risks I've taken and challenges I've faced I am uniquely positioned to help you achieve your dreams.