Gut check, does it feel like a maybe? Then it's a hell no

I've had a series of excellent conversations with the people in my life lately. Last week it was with my long time friend and colleague about how to simplify my mission to help women and get straight to the point more creatively. 

Yesterday I talked with a new connection about cultivating a brand and learning to say "hell yes" and "hell no" to opportunities.  Gut check, does it feel like a maybe? Then it's a hell no. 

Steve Harvey shined a big old light on my tendency to peak over the cliff and never jump. Why am I always on the edge of the cliff and watching all the other people soar? My failure to jump. 

Today I sent a text to a good friend asking what he thought about Sky Diving. Maybe literally jumping of the cliff will help me manifest it in my bones. 

Coach and writer Bri Seeley posted on her blog this week that simply having a mantra isn't enough, you must find ways to integrate it into your life physically and routinely.  Give it time, commit, believe. It takes work. 

Gratitude, creativity, inspiration--it's all around me.  The past two years I have had a tendency to let the negative manifest and take over. I've been locked in a cage of negativity, pessimism, self doubt, fear, apprehension, blame, mistrust. It's been terribly lonely and terribly paralyzing. I had to make some big decisions to get myself out of the cycle. All those big decisions led to a period of exhaustion, reflection, rebuilding, a little more self doubt and apprehension, and of course the occasional relapse. 

Setbacks are normal. Setbacks are what show us what we are really made of and teach us what we don't want in our lives.

The cold hard truth is that we work just as hard cultivating a life we want and that serves us as we do cultivating a life of disappointment and heartache. The energy is the same, you get to choose. 

And it's fascinating. The more I spend time with doers, dreamers, optimists the more my own dreams seem within reach.

The more kindness, support, love and creativity I allow into my life, the more I feel like jumping. 

Steve was right when he said we are all born with a gift. And even more pertinent is that those gifts can be just about anything.  It doesn't always mean rock star, actress, billionaire, President, CEO. It can be carpenter, photographer, teacher, banker, therapist, dog walker, gardener.

You do nothing for the Universe by ignoring your gift, by hiding from your gift, by pretending your gift isn't special.  

When you give your gift to the Universe it gives back tenfold. 

Gone are the days of watching other people soar all around me, it's time to jump