Bring Your Dream To Life in the Comfort of a Powerful Community

Accountability is a Game Changer

You’ve wondered if you could really start that business, dive deeper into that side hustle or just simply stop running around feeling overwhelmed. Here is the thing, I know you can.

You’re going to have to dig deep to get results, you’re going to have to focus your time and your energy on what it is you want for your life. And you’re going to have to stop doing all of the things you’ve done before. This can be really hard to do when you’re surrounded by the same people doing the same things. Implementation is so much easier when you have a support system that understand where you are trying to go.

Choosing to build a life of meaning and go against the norm can feel really lonely. That’s why I’ve built this exclusive group coaching program. You will get the benefits of engaging with me as your coach and gain access to a community of passionate, creative and powerful people who care about your progress.

And we are keeping it intimate.

3 Months

6 spots

6 Group Sessions

1 Big Vision

The Nuts and Bolts

Our program starts on the first of the month and continues for 12 weeks. We will kick off the program with a group session where we identify why we are in the program and what we hope to gain from participating. We will establish the rules of our community and lay out the plan for our 12 week engagement.

In between sessions you will assignments. You will have two weeks to explore and complete these assignments. They are designed to build up to you creating a powerful and meaningful vision. Why not jump into visioning right away? Because any vision we do without deeply exploring our beliefs, values and fears will not be sustainable. We must get clear on what we care about before we design a plan that aligns with our true desires. I will be your partner for this whole process available by text and email to help move you through the workbook and support you in your work.

Each session we will break down what you learned in your assignments and coach around that particular topic. You will share with our sacred group what you discovered, how it felt to learn, what these new discoveries mean to you and how you can begin applying them to your big vision.

The first three sessions are called DISCOVERY. They are meant to guide you through a deep dive of your mental and emotional DNA. You will clarify beliefs and values and unravel the conditioning that has led you to feeling stuck. You will come up with your very own unique definition of success and feel energized to create.