Teresa Sabatine Coaching and Consulting

Individual Coaching Program

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A committed coaching program focuses on building a tangible vision and designing specific strategies for execution. A minimum of 6 sessions are required for engagement. Pricing varies based on number of sessions.

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited text and email access during engagement

  • Vision Design

  • Vision Implementation Coaching

what to expect

I take a scientific and academic approach to our work. My coaching is based in methodologies built to enable individuals and organizations to implement positive and sustainable change. In this program you will:

  • Define your personal strengths and values

  • Get rid of wasteful narratives that aren’t serving you

  • Gain confidence and clarity around your identity and your goals

  • Set new boundaries and make changes in your relationships

  • Become the master of your own internal dialogue

  • Complete a personal/professional vision that encompasses all aspects of your life

  • Work to understand your internal polarizations and how to make clear and concise decisions

  • Commit to a structure that supports your priorities and allows for flexibility

  • Make rapid progress in areas that you’ve been stuck

  • Begin to consistently feel the way that you want to feel in all areas of your life



276 Nameless Way - $875,500.00



787 Untitled Way - $510,000.00