Application for It's Handled Skimm'r 

Carly and Danielle!

I am so glad you are here! Does this mean my Mailchimp campaign worked? I should call those people and thank them! I am really excited about the opportunity to join TheSkimm team and want to know more about what your plans are for the future. I hear you are holding a discussion at the Salesforce Digital Marketing event of the year in Atlanta, and Arianna Huffington recently gave you a shoutout in her interview with Macleans. You are everywhere! How do we make sure that the mobile experience has the same integrity and impact as your e-newsletter? Your Instagram has already paved the way for a really great following in the app space. So what is next? 

Here are some of my ideas for how to make the mobile space work for TheSkimm brand:

  • You could use your producing backgrounds for good and hire TheSkimm Reporters and launch TheSkimm news program that covers events in 90 seconds. Go out on the campaign trail turn your Instagram written interviews into 90 second segments for women to watch. Snapchat is trying, I think you could be better. 
  • Carry that campaign coverage over to everyday things like decisions on The Hill and showcasing how and when decisions are being made. I sure would have liked to have opened TheSkimm app and gotten a heads up that the Indiana Governor was trying to take all of my rights away. Maybe I would have showed up to protest? Who knows! TheSkimm Ambassadors (*reporters) in every major city! A more informed electorate is important and small decisions have big impact. You could be proactive instead of reactive. 
  • One last idea is to partner with major game changers in environmental issues, global health, economic growth, gender issues, campaigns like HeForShe and The Gates Foundation and help cover the work they are doing in a unique way. Suddenly all of these organizations and brands would have a TheSkimm presence and be looking to you to tell them how to communicate with their audience. Would they pay a fee to you to be part of your brand? I believe they would. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read my Skimm and get to know me a little better. I hope to hear from you soon regarding this wonderful opportunity. 

Thank you,

Teresa Sabatine