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Hi! I’m Teresa.

I am a big-hearted business woman turned professional coach. Somewhere between film sets in Los Angeles and the halls of Nike’s headquarters, I found my true calling; helping people. Before I got professionally trained, I would spend hours on the phone with young women who were asking me how I had made my way through the Hollywood chaos and created a successful career in television. The more I took these calls, the more I realized I was coaching them to make their own decisions, trust their voice and bet on themselves.

At the same time, I continued to put myself out there and raise my hand. I found myself working on $300 million-dollar movies and organizing TV production for major studios and networks. Then one day I was sitting at Netflix headquarters pitching a show. I never stopped believing that what I wanted was possible. That hope led me to go back to school to get my professional coaching certification and launch my business. Hundreds of clients later, I could not be happier with the result of following my true calling.

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my story

I am a daughter of a psychologist and a political philosopher. I come from academia, Italian immigrants and Irish descent. I am a city girl’s daughter and a thinking man’s child. I watched my mother work to save lives, to inspire and create light for those that were lost. I watched my father lead teams, work 9-7 and sometimes travel for weeks to work to put food on our table all while fighting an autoimmune disease. At that dinner table we talked about right and wrong and how to have integrity. We bowed our heads in prayer, reached out our hands to those in need, and fought with fire and passion. We stood up for what we believed in and were asked to stand up for those that didn’t have a voice.

I lost my mom at 22, after her ten year battle with breast cancer. I’ll never forget the morning we had to say goodbye. I will never forget how it felt to lose someone I loved so much and for the world to lose someone who had done so much for other people. That experience fuels me. It fuels me to keep going when I am not sure I can go on, and it fuels my mission to help as many women as possible before my time here is up. Women are the world’s most untapped resource. We are now seeing how women standing up for what they believe and taking on leadership roles is molding our world to be better, more inclusive. But the work is not done.

why coaching

I know what it is like to feel like an imposter and not be sure if you belong in the arena. Because of that feeling, I decided I would dedicate my life to helping women overcome doubt, shame, fear and pain so that they could use their many talents to lead and change the world. Whatever burning desire you have inside of you, it deserves your attention. My experience tells me that the longer you ignore yourself, the worse it gets. I am living proof that hope and courage make dreams come true. I am also living proof that you can make a comeback after loss; that you can one day not be sure who you are anymore and then a few weeks later start to realize all of these wonderful things about yourself.

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This is life, it is both beautiful and heartbreaking sometimes in the same breath. We all deserve a partner to help us overcome loss and a partner to help us make our dreams come to life. And the world deserves to have you at your best. I’m here to be that partner for you. Either through the resources on my blog, my weekly Instagram TV episodes, or through one-on-one coaching. The world needs more women like you.



Teresa Sabatine is a Certified Professional Coach and Creative Consultant. She coaches and empowers women to maximize their impact on the world and builds strategies for mission-driven organizations. She is a graduate of the Duquesne University professional coaching certificate program where she studied the Intentional Change Theory, Internal Family Systems Coaching, and the Self-Determination Theory.  

Her background is in entertainment where she worked at the intersection of production, community relations, and content development. She spent a decade in New York City, Hollywood, and at Nike working on hundred-million-dollar projects and buying and selling content to major networks and studios. Some of her clients include; Lionsgate, NBC, HGTV, Paramount, Sony, and IndyCar.

In 2016 she became the first ever Film Commissioner for the City of Indianapolis where she established protocol for filmmaking in the city, managed over 300 projects, lobbied for tax incentives in the Indiana General Assembly, and generated $21 million-dollars in film and media spending in under three years.

Now she dedicates her time to helping women owned businesses and individuals who are navigating grief and transition. She enjoys working with her very talented clients and on major initiatives that align with her values. Her coaching and consulting combines elite business mindset with a personal and emotional approach to your goals. She helps you breakdown the patterns and experiences that are keeping you from feeling the way you want to feel, and then apply a strategic and formative methodology to your business or career that sets you up for measurable success and a life you can enjoy.

When she isn’t negotiating a deal or helping women change the world, you can find her writing on her blog, hanging out with her dog Billy, or listening to podcasts about growth mindset. She serves on the board of People for Urban Progress, Fuel the Female, and the Create Indy Advisory Committee for Mayor Joe Hogsett.