The World Needs You to Step Up

Are you ready?


It’s time to feel energized about your life and driving toward execution on your biggest ideas. You can leave a lasting impact on the world while generating a profit and investing in your future.

Are you ready to get very clear on your vision to make a big impact?

Are you ready to become a disruptive leader and build game changing solutions?

Are you done playing small and willing to do the work to become the woman you know you can be?

Do you want to make a difference in the next three months and make money doing it?

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You can make a big difference in the lives of others.

But you’re wondering if you have what it takes.

Because the world tells women…



You’re not alone if you feel:

  • Apprehensive, sitting on a lot of ideas based around the same solution to a problem but not sure what action to take.

  • Like your work is meaningless or misguided or that your talents are underutilized.

  • That you are letting yourself, and people who care about you, down by not doing the thing you feel called to do.

  • Hungry for clarity, direction, and the resources to take your leadership to the next level.

  • Polarized; feeling like you are an imposter and that you have exactly what it takes to make things happen.

  • Lonely in your work, wishing you had more community or a partnership.

  • You’ve met your income ceiling and wish to make more money.

  • That you’re stuck and accepting less than you deserve.


It’s time to…

Get extremely clear about your direction and how you’re going to make an impact.

Break your vision into phases that are manageable with executable timelines tied to financial goals.

Through data and evidence, cultivate the confidence and tools to champion your ideas in the marketplace.

Create allyship with experts who are passionate about the same thing as you. Build mission alignment and your dream team of partners.

Learn and acquire systems to automate your processes and build cohesion in vision and planning.

Level-up your mindset and break through barriers that have held you back in the past.



Make money. Change the world.

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Why Impact Coaching?

I remember when I felt like I had miles to go before I could make a difference, that between me and helping the people I wanted to help there were 1000 steps and that I may never get there. Then I got very clear about who I am, what matters most to me, where I excel, and I used all of the information to launch my company and form my mission; make the world a better place through the advancement of women.

Women are the world’s biggest untapped resource. Women have world changing ideas. Women need to grow their revenue to pay for their families, women need marketing support, women need resources to bring their ideas to life, to impact their communities. Women need access.

I promise to be a partner who runs alongside you and dedicates her passion, expertise and optimism to your goals.

I promise to challenge you and hold you accountable to your highest self.

I promise to guide you to make money doing what you love and making a difference in the world.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to meeting you and bringing your dreams to life. xo —Teresa