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…she taught me how to stop taking care of everyone else all of the time. Each week when I went to chat with her it felt like I was drinking a delicious glass of water and sitting on a beach. Over time she helped me organize the chaos. First, with my mind, then with my house, my work, and my relationships. She gave me my power, I mean I had the power, but it felt like she taught me how to find my power again. I am myself again, I am laughing and dancing, and singing and vacationing. I have stopped trying to do it all and I just do what I want; what is good for my family, what feels good to me. I have a personality and dreams and goals and I am so excited for what is next”


Why I Do This Work

I meet people every day who are burned out, lost, exhausted, grieving, seeking. There are so many reasons for this but here are a few of the ones I see most often;

  • You give way too much because you are conditioned to believe your worth is in your output

  • You never really learned how to trust your instincts and make decisions aligned with your own values

  • You’ve spent a lifetime listening to other people and making decisions based on approval

  • You chose a path and then one day woke up and realized it was the wrong path, or, at the least, it no longer works for you

  • You’ve lost something and you think it broke you and you are ashamed of your “brokenness”

  • You pretend you are ok when you are not and have no idea how to begin to feel better

  • You think life has to be this way because you have never known any other way

The key to moving forward and implementing sustainable change is taking the time upfront to understand how we got where we are. Most of us don’t give time for this step. We want change. We want solutions and we want them now. Listen, I hear you. But I know firsthand that making decisions without self awareness will lead to more burn out, more exhaustion and more pain. Your life starts the moment you decide you are going to take responsibility for building it from a place of authenticity and strength. That is what I help you do.

What You Will Experience

Coaching Sessions are virtual and last 60 minutes. These are working sessions, come expecting to take action. You will get one-on-one coaching with me, access to my knowledge of how to recover and, I will be holding you accountable to your personal promises.

Within three sessions begin to feel relief from burnout symptoms such as; exhaustion, frustration, indifference, impatience and emotional overwhelm.

Erase toxic patterns in your life, get clear about what you want and why. Define your long-term personal and professional goals, and outline what it will take to achieve them

Gain visibility into your conditioning and truly begin to understand what has brought you to this moment. With this self-awareness build a roadmap to live more authentically and holistically without suffering.

Realize better results at work or in your business. Become excited about your job and your passions again. Gain space on your calendar for your personal care, family and social life.

Learn how to properly navigate your work and personal relationships so you get the maximum benefit from each interaction. Define your problem-solving skills and start deciding from a place of values and reason vs. emotions and guilt.


Recovery is my sweet spot…

I spent years mastering the recovery. You name it, I’ve seen it. From grief, to career setbacks, to devastating loss, there is nothing I haven’t overcome. On top of that, I am certified and professionally trained to help you with your comeback. School of Hard Knocks and legitimate professional coaching training, I’ve got you covered. I know how limited your time really is. I understand that you feel like your head is under water. But this is not how you have to feel. Take it from a woman who made the changes, left the 90 hour work week behind, and built a life where she could breathe (and laugh again). I know how to help you do this and still have the things that you want for your life.