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Coaching Sessions are virtual and last 60 minutes. These are working sessions, come expecting to take action. You will get one-on-one coaching with me, access to my knowledge of how to recover and, I will be holding you accountable to your personal promises.

Within three sessions begin to feel relief from burnout symptoms such as; exhaustion, frustration, indifference, impatience and emotional overwhelm.

Erase toxic patterns in your life, get clear about what you want and why. Define your long-term personal and professional goals, and outline what it will take to achieve them

Gain visibility into your conditioning and truly begin to understand what has brought you to this moment. With this self-awareness build a roadmap to live more authentically and holistically without suffering.

Realize better results at work or in your business. Become excited about your job and your passions again. Gain space on your calendar for your personal care, family and social life.

Learn how to properly navigate your work and personal relationships so you get the maximum benefit from each interaction. Define your problem-solving skills and start deciding from a place of values and reason vs. emotions and guilt.


One Time Session. Subject to Availability. Package Bonuses Do Not Apply.


(1) 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session

Individually booked recovery sessions are most often utilized as one time sessions to solve a specific problem. You’re making a big decision or faced with an unexpected setback, and you need to brainstorm solutions and get to action quickly. Limited background is needed for me to understand your situation and move you forward.


package one


RECOVERY COACHING LIGHT is for someone who is facing a transition and could really use support rebuilding after change. You don’t mind moving a little slower, nothing is urgent, but you would like to get a handle on your new future and how you will move forward. You will slowly manifest your dreams for your future and leave with a plan to make it all happen.

6 (60) MINUTE BI-WEEKLY 1:1 Coaching Sessions


(3) RECOVERY Check In Emails - $400 Value

(1) Vision Action Roadmap - $500 Value

$2550 Value


Pay in full and get $100 off for a one time payment of $1925.00

(3) Monthly Payments of $675.00

One time payment of $1925.00


package two


DEEP RECOVERY COACHING is for someone who wants to deep dive into their conditioning and really get a handle on what has made you the way that you are. You want to move through this and heal deeply with assurance that you will not have to revisit these conditions again. Perhaps you are facing a life altering transition or change, or you just cannot stand to feel the way you feel any longer. You’ve already done some of this work and have a little bit of self awareness. You are excited about the future and ready to re-build but you know you have things to overcome before you can step into your new life.

12 (60) MINUTE WEEKLY 1:1 Coaching Sessions


(6) RECOVERY Check In Emails -$800 value

SIX (15) Minute 1:1 RECOVERY Check In Sessions- $412 Value

(1) Vision Action Roadmap - $500 Value

$5012 Value


Pay in full and get $100 off for a one time payment of $4387.00

(3) Monthly Payments of $1495.00

One time payment of $4387.00


package three


(only 2 spots available)


You are dying for change. Your needs are urgent and each day when you wake up it seems like another thing hits your to-do-list. You cannot keep up with the amount of work you have and you can no longer afford to miss nights of sleep for your job. You are tired, sick, frustrated and not even sure how you got this way. It has been so long since you felt like yourself you can’t recognize who you see in the mirror. You want a real partner to help you move out of this chaos and into a life you can enjoy. If you didn’t have so many obligations you would go to the beach for a week and throw your cell phone in the water. This is life or death. You can’t go on like this any longer. We are going to bring you back to life.

UNLIMITED 1:1 Coaching Sessions for 3 months


Unlimited RECOVERY Texting and Emailing - $1500 value

Complete RECOVERY Conditioning Mapping - $600 value

(1) Vision Action Roadmap - $500 Value

$12,500 Value


Pay in full and get $100 off for a one time payment of $11,800


(3) Monthly Payments of $3966

One time payment of $11,800