I am not the only woman obsessed with making the world better for women—below are a few of my favorite women owned and women centric resources. I did not get where I am now by doing it alone, no one does. We all need education, tools, support, community and inspiration to level up. I use these resources myself and they have changed my life—I hope they change yours too. Click each image to learn more.


What’s in your products?

I’ve been using beauty and skincare products since my mom walked me up to the mall makeup counter for my 12th birthday back in 1998. Little did she or I know that the products we were putting on our faces and skin contained toxic chemicals. Beautycounter is the first company to have a never list banning over 1500 toxic chemicals and championing product regulations at the federal level. Learn more below.

Freedom From Your Inner Critic

If we end up working together we will spend a good amount of time working with your inner dialogue—you know, that commentary that exists in your head. We don’t want to admit we have “voices” but the truth is, we all have parts that are a result of our nervous system coping with the world around us. This book is AMAZING—it is one of my favorite tools and you don’t need to be an expert coach to apply it to your life. Get started today!

Love Warrior

This book changed me. It opened my heart wide open, gave me permission to feel fully and helped me pick myself back up after heartbreak. Glennon is a champion for equality, she is a ferocious advocate and an incredible writer. Her work inspires me, lifts me up and makes me want to keep writing. Not only that, she makes you laugh and makes you feel normal. I think I read this in two days, no joke. To get inspired and motivated to love yourself begin reading now.

Where’s your money, honey?

Ellevest CEO Sally Krawcheck spent years as a leader in the financial industry before finally getting so fed up with how much it didn’t serve women that she created her own investment firm—totally dedicated to helping women learn about, grow and invest their money to create sustainable futures. All of my investments are with Ellevest and each week I read their blog to learn more about finances and investment. Start investing in your future now :)

Super Soul Conversations

My journey to finding myself has been paved with inspiration from some of the most spiritual and magnetic healers from all around the world. Wherever you are on your journey, there is at least one conversation from this podcast that will resonate with you and make you feel part of something bigger. Start with one of my favorites, an interview with author of The Alchemist, Paul Coelho, below.

Brene Brown

Listen, if you are struggling with all the feels, wondering how to use your emotions as strength, wrestling with shame or want to be a better leader…one of Brene’s books is going to help you and change your life. If you’re new to her work, you have to start with the Ted Talk that catapulted her into mainstream and eventually landed her an amazing and entertaining Netflix special. Her work is transformative.