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Individual Coaching

One-On-One Coaching Programs Designed to Get You on Track Quickly


The time is now…

You came to this page because something inside of you is curious what is possible if you make a commitment to yourself. I know, it sounds very strange to think that you need to intentionally commit to yourself. But if for just a moment you thought about how many times throughout the day you do something for you, I would make a pretty big bet that you can’t think of very many.

You cannot expect to make progress on the things you care about the most if you aren’t intentionally setting time to work on them.

That’s where coaching comes in. Think of me as your accountability partner, the caretaker of your deepest desires and the cheerleader for your dreams. I will be the one person who always reminds you to take that time for yourself.

But before we even get visioning and planning, we unload all of the stuff that is getting in your way. I teach you to operate from a growth mindset so you can start seeing possibility everywhere you turn. You aren’t far from what you want and I guarantee that by working with me, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and clarity that you have never felt before.

Client Testimonial:

Thank you for making me do scary things like light matches, start a business and set boundaries. You changed my life and I am forever grateful
— Lauren Sparkman, Citizenry Press


A committed coaching program focuses on building a tangible vision and designing specific strategies for execution. A minimum of 6 sessions are required for engagement. Pricing varies based on number of sessions.

  • 45 Minute 1:1 Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited text and email access during engagement

  • Vision Design

  • Vision Implementation Coaching


I take a scientific and academic approach to our work. My coaching is based in methodologies built to enable individuals and organizations to implement positive and sustainable change. In this program you will:

  • Define your personal strengths and values

  • Get rid of wasteful narratives that aren’t serving you

  • Gain confidence and clarity around your identity and your goals

  • Set new boundaries and make changes in your relationships

  • Become the master of your own internal dialogue

  • Complete a personal/professional vision that encompasses all aspects of your life

  • Work to understand your internal polarizations and how to make clear and concise decisions

  • Commit to a structure that supports your priorities and allows for flexibility

  • Make rapid progress in areas that you’ve been stuck

  • Begin to consistently feel the way that you want to feel in all areas of your life

Ready to take action?




A three month coaching program dedicated to bringing your big scary vision to life. Enrollment closed 3/25/19. Second offering coming in May!



Building and Implementing Creative Strategies


Let’s Make Something Together

Whether for an individual project or an entire organization, my consulting work focuses on building strategies to maximize impact. Why hire an outside person to insert themselves into your organization? Because when you are on the inside you can’t always see what I can see from out here. I deliver information with grace and I am passionate about making your team work smarter, together. I have experience successfully executing on big budget ($300 million) projects and large-scale community initiatives. I can build something from nothing and then design the playbook to keep the trains on the track. My sweet spot is working with your team to make them more fulfilled at work, recover them from burn out and support the implementation of their goals.

The Logistics

  • Group/Team Coaching Sessions

  • Workshops and Offsites

  • Project Launches

  • Strategy Implementation Coaching

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Media & Storytelling

Conceptualizing, Producing, and Distributing Powerful Content


Your Story is Powerful, Let’s Tell It

In 2019 Content Marketing will be a $300 billion dollar industry. Yes, billion. Understanding how to create impactful and resonating content can feel overwhelming. Thanks to my decade of experience in entertainment and my work at Nike in brand marketing, I know what it takes to produce a compelling story. I use a lot of discretion when entering into any media and content partnerships. Clients must have appropriately allocated budget and a clear marketing strategy before diving into content creation. I do not consult on film or televisions projects that are in the fundraising stage of development.


  • Film and TV Distribution Strategy

  • Video Production

  • Content Strategy Design and Oversight

  • Creative Direction

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